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Radio Free Northwest: Activism Through the Decades - RFN 081717

RFN Washington

Harold Covington starts by giving us his view on Charlottesville, which is actually similar to Donald Trump’s, which is to not pass judgement until the dust settles. So instead of that this week, we get a new interview with Harold recorded for Late Night Alt-Right, beginning with a discussion on podcasting and how much of a success it has been. He estimates we have twenty to twenty five thousand people on the internet supporting us and is especially impressed with the quality of our multi-media.

After that he is asked to compare how White Nationalism 1.0 compares with today. The biggest change has been the internet, which did more to level the playing field for us than anything else. Harold was using it as a tool back in 1995 with mimeographed newsletters and got the idea from Ernst Zundel’s wife Ingrid. Mass communication became financially feasible for the first time and media attention was no longer required as much as it was before, which had led to much of the exhibitionism displayed by earlier White Nationalism.

Later on we get to Harold’s predictions of what will happen once Trump is gone and the Left has the reins of power once again. No matter what happens, we will always have the videos of Liberal tears from the night that we won.

Finally we get to plans for the White ethno-state in the pacific northwest and the revolutionary party in the making.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Activism Through the Decades - RFN 081717

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