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Radio Free Northwest: The Gender War – RFN 083117


For this week’s Radio Free Northwest we get what could be salvaged from the most recent Northwest Call-in show, which was supposed to be about the gender war and how we can return relations between us back to how they should be.

The discussion starts with some commentary on Roosh and the manosphere and how it encourages White men to seek foreign wives. Chris from London calls in with a theory on why White women are less likely to be Nationalists than White men, based on the difference in morals between men and women and Claudia calls in to remind us that women have been taught to have false expectations of men by Hollywood.

The poor standards of the women who frequent dating sites is brought up and how they just use the men they can find on there. One girl Chris met turned out to be a complete mental case who had been sectioned for stalking and Harold brings up his 3 wives to demonstrate that all White women have similar issues, no matter what country they are from. Girls brought up on Buffy the Vampire Slayer are going to have completely unrealistic expectations of how relationships work and what women are capable of. When they realise they are not capable of being dominant, they then take the frustration out on men, believing the reason for it is because men are keeping them down.

Once women pass the age of 40, they are finished. Their looks have gone and their chances of having any family or any kind of future is very limited, if they are not married already. Churches may still have some good women in them, but they are now filled with many other young men with the same idea of joining to find a decent wife. Mormons might have some decent traditional women still, but their beliefs are pretty crazy. Your best bet is to find a good one when you are young and stick with them, because if you don’t, you might never find a decent one again.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Gender War – RFN 083117

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