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Radio Free Northwest: Turn Back Time – RFN 082417


Harold Covington finally gives us his take on the Charlottesville rumble, crediting Richard Spencer with encouraging people to go and for organising the torch march. The media has made Spencer into our fearless White leader whether we like it or not, but will this be Spencer’s high water mark? There could be legal consequences that may tie him up for some time, but it does feel like a victory for us.

He has kindled the dream again that we could take back the whole of America, but things have gone way too far for that to happen. There are 180 million foreigners in America who should not be there alongside another hundred million White Leftists. What are we going to do about that? If Trump cant do anything then what chances does Richard think he will have while working within the system?

Gretchen reviews an educational book on Freemasonry produced in Hitler’s Germany this week, which includes some thoughts on the way his government differed to the ones we have today. The book tries to give a history of masonry, tracing it back to manuscripts in 1390 and the stone masons guilds. Revolutions feature and we can see how land power differs from sea power. The author is very concerned about Germans who would visit French lodges while in uniform, which was treasonous to Prussianism and he also mentions the Kalergi plan. Jewish infiltration of masonry is talked about and how German lodges would accept Jews and not just ones who claimed they had been baptised. Gretchen thinks it is an interesting topic and does not get enough press today.

Harold then returns to finish the podcast with some inspiring words about pioneering spirit and the pacific northwest, after commentary from Computing Forever on the recent de-platforming of the Alt-Right.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Turn Back Time – RFN 082417

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