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Radio Free Northwest: Waiting for Godot – RFN 080317


Harold Covington returns to explain the meaning behind his regular ‘Waiting for Godot’ messages on Twitter. Its no good waiting for somebody else to do it, we have to do this for ourselves. Harold can give us his advice, but he cannot do all this for us. He suggests for a start that we cut back on time in front of the computer. The internet is addictive and can be just as damaging as other habit forming behaviours, complete with withdrawal symptoms. He suggests using TV to wean yourself off and then working your way onto reading long blocks of text without moving images. After that, its time to start forming a cell, interacting with comrades offline and making the best use of each others talents. Then start bringing the message to those who know nothing about us. Preaching to the choir will not bring new recruits into the fold.

Lord Lucan returns with some quotes from Adolf Hitler showing that he was a socialist. The anglo-speaking world were deceived about Hitler back then, just the same as they are deceived about Islam today. If we had known what Hitler was really saying, we never would have fought against him and if we knew what was really in the Koran, kebab would be removed from Europe in an instant. The official stance from the government is that Islam is a religion of peace, but the Queen can speak against it, she can call it evil. She makes the laws and she is the one responsible for preventing us from speaking the truth about it. Lord Lucan explains how the constitution works and how it has been distorted to prevent us from raising the alarm about what is really being done to our people.

Gretchen covers ‘Separation and it’s Discontents’ by Kevin MacDonald this week, which is a part of his Culture of Critique series, looking at the evolutionary psychology behind the Jews’ separatism. Much of the book looks at Germany in the Weimar period and after, analysing the different ways the Jews were deceiving their host. The Zionists of the time were actually quite self-reflective and honest about the way Jews behaved and were even critical of the Talmud. However once they got to Israel, they reverted to type. The book also looks at Liberal Jews and how mischlings have often been used as a buffer zone between organised Jewry and it’s victims. MacDonald sees White people as being far more universalist than any other race, even tracing it back to the culture of the ancient Greeks, which the Jews have taken great advantage of. He does believe there are some things we could learn from the Jews however, such as their respect for eugenics.

The Trucker calls in from Wisconsin on his way to the east coast and Harold wraps the show up with some more encouragement to turn ourselves into the sort of people that our grandparents would have been proud of.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Waiting for Godot – RFN 080317

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