The Daily Traditionalist: Antifa, Free Speech and Labels – DT 082417 - Radio Aryan


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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


The Daily Traditionalist: Antifa, Free Speech and Labels – DT 082417


Sven Longshanks is joined by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson for The Daily Traditionalist to talk about Antifa, free speech and labels which the Left use to attack us with. Many supporters of the Left do not realise how hollow their principles are, they sincerely believe that the Left promotes free speech and dialogue for all. They would be shocked to find out the real reasons for the policies of the Left, to destabilise nations so they are unable to unify and resist control by the oligarchs. Tim Farron of the Liberal Democrats had a rude awakening on this when he discovered that his mild Christian dislike for sodomy would not be tolerated by the promoters of tolerance and inclusion within his party. Similarly many on the Left are waking up to the fact that the Left stands against Free Speech and wants to shut down all debate about issues of importance to White people.

Matt explains that the concept of free speech is abused anyway, it should only be people who have something worth saying that get a public platform to put forth their views. The majority will always be unqualified to speak about specialist subjects and the minority will always have the smallest voice. The lie we are told today is that Blacks and non-Whites are a minority, when they make up the majority of the world. The true minority that needs assistance to speak on the public platform is the persecuted White minority, as we have the smallest voice of the smallest group of people.

One of the main ways the Left tries to silence us is by using labels like ‘white supremacist’ and ‘racist’ and the way to counter this is to get the person calling you these names to define the terms under which they are using them. No Nationalist wants to rule over the other races, ruling over them means providing for them and that is the situation we live under today. To be racist means to see a difference between the races and there is a clear visual difference between black and white that no sane person can deny.

Never forget that our views are soundly based on facts and we are grounded in the truth. We speak the truth and we serve the truth and the truth will destroy our enemies.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Antifa, Free Speech and Labels – DT 082417


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