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The Daily Traditionalist: Henry Ford the Worker’s Champion – DT 082917


Sven Longshanks is joined by new Radio Aryan host Ted Midward to discuss his new series based on Henry Ford’s The International Jew. After first explaining how he awoke to the Jewish question Ted explains why he decided to make the series and share with others the related discoveries he has made over the years, bringing Ford’s articles up to date by describing similar Jewish behaviour today.

Henry Ford really knew what we were up against, he had come up against it himself with trying to raise capital for his ventures. He had so many problems with getting his articles published that he ended up having to start his own newspaper company. Every one of his Ford motor cars came accompanied by a copy of The International Jew, warning the world of the Jewish peril and expanding on the Protocols, which were also published around the same time.

Many of the worker’s rights that communists claim they were responsible for, were actually begun by Ford. He was the first to insist on a 40 hour working week and he doubled the average wage for his employees so they had a living wage and could afford to buy the product they were making. He wanted to see every White family able to afford to buy a car and even helped Adolf Hitler out with advice and capital.

This man was one of our very best and Ted Midward’s series based on his book is on Mondays on Radio Aryan at 4pm EDT/9pm BST.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Ted Midward

The Daily Traditionalist: Henry Ford the Worker’s Champion – DT 082917


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