The Daily Traditionalist: White Heroes and Black Looters Once Again – DT 083117


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson was unable to make it today to join Sven Longshanks, so Billy Roper of The Roper Report stepped in to discuss hurricane Harvey and the current floods in Houston. Billy has been organising some charity relief for deluged Whites and has experience of that sort of thing from when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans a decade or so back. Like then, the Blacks and Mestizoes are out looting and there has even been reports of them shooting at the White rescue teams to try and steal their boats. Instead of being able to help with the rescue efforts, the National Guard are now having to patrol for these chancers.

When White people are hit by a tragedy, all thoughts of class distinctions disappear and we do all we can to help each other out, but when tragedy hits the Black community they instantly revert to the law of the jungle. We saw rapes, murder and mass hysteria in the Black refugee centres in New Orleans, but there was no evidence of any crimes in the White camps.

Billy and Sven discuss the altruistic nature of Whites when compared to the other races and point out that Jewish price-gouging is also a problem which the refugees are going to have to put up with. There was a time when we used to lower the prices for materials that people were in need of, instead of driving them up to make a quick buck. Things like water and gas have already trebled in price when items like this are going to be absolutely essential in the disaster zone for days to come.

You can help Texan Whites by donating to Billy’s fundraiser here.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Billy Roper

The Daily Traditionalist: White Heroes and Black Looters Once Again – DT 083117

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