The International Jew : The Historic Basis of Jewish Imperialism – TIJ 082817


Ted Midward from Caucasian Christian Communications joins Radio Aryan to host a series of narrations with his own commentary from Henry Ford’s The International Jew.

Using contemporary articles from the early years of the 20th century, Ford shows how the Jews sought to silence criticism of them by accusing their detractors of anti-Semitism. From banning portions of Shakespeare to having paintings removed from libraries, the Jews have always been keen to present a false image of themselves to the public.

In the 1920s though, people were starting to wake up and even the Chicago Tribune had an article on Jewish plans for world domination. They were not shy of identifying communism as Jewish back then as they are now.

The nature of Bolshevism was such that it crossed borders and sought to achieve global domination, because of this it was a threat to all countries and the secret services of many were involved in tracking the spread of it. Here, Ted provides evidence for how the Jews of the world were united in promoting communism. It was not ‘Russian’ Jews that were responsible, it was Jews everywhere who all identify as Jews first and foremost before any loyalty to the countries they live in.

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Narration and commentary by Ted Midward

The International Jew: The Historic Basis of Jewish Imperialism – TIJ 082817

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