The Roper Report: Agitation Propaganda – TRR 083017


Billy Roper discusses the ongoing attack on the first amendment by Antifa and the takedown of StormFront by Black supremacists intent on silencing White people’s freedom of speech.

Radio Aryan has generously offered their support and technical assistance to Don Black and StormFront Radio while they are under attack by the anti-free speech forces. The source of these terrorist attacks is revealed on The Roper Report website here.

Also covered is the ADL's attempt to get American Mayors on board with limiting protests in the future, and how we should respond as part of Agit Prop, or Agitation Propaganda.

You can find out if your local Mayor has signed the ADL compact to limit your right to peaceably assemble at mayorscompact.org.

Presented by Billy Roper

The Roper Report: Agitation Propaganda – TRR 083017

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