The Roper Report: Doxx This! – TRR 082317


Billy’s been running on little sleep after keeping up with local and IRL activism as things heat up after Charlottesville, but it will take more than death threats and Twitter bans to keep this man down.

In "Doxx This", he describes the effect of a week of intense cyber-assaults on the platforms and outlets of the Alt Right, including on himself and his family.

We also get some updates on recent and future local and national protests, rallies and of course political analysis, all on this week's 'The Roper Report'.

This is not the time to be afraid, it is them who are afraid of us, as we see by all their desperate attempts to prevent people from hearing what we say.

They will not succeed, we will not back down, we have nature and God on our side and we will win.

Presented by Billy Roper

The Roper Report: Doxx This! – TRR 082317

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