Thoughts of the Day: From Mudshark to Swamp Maiden – GL 080817 - Radio Aryan


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Thoughts of the Day: From Mudshark to Swamp Maiden – GL 080817

GL 080817

Grandpa Lampshade returns with another instalment of the globally popular Thoughts of the Day program. I hope all of you are doing well this week. We will be (as usual) all over the place when it comes to topics as we have a wide variety of spicy material to cover so pay attention as we will be hitting them hard and fast.

First up: Trump news. We haven't covered Trump that much lately so I thought we would open this week with the latest in Trumpmerica. Namely, what is the most important thing that Trump can accomplish? It is obvious that war with Russia has been preordained by those who rule over us, yet war with Russia would be a huge disaster for all involved. The wall, stopping the sand niggers from flooding into our countries, all of these things are important but if we wind up at war with Russia then they will all be irrelevant. We will discuss this at length, as I believe the most important thing Trump can accomplish for us at this point in time is heading off these plans for war with Russia.

Next up, GPL brings you the latest from the degenerate kike Lena Dunham who is struggling to stay relevant by making up (a jew making something up?!) a story about overhearing some airline employees saying something that offended her. Now, this goes beyond an irrelevant kike actress attempting to stay in the headlines. We will discuss this in the larger context of the Marxist play book that demands you submit to the narrative always. They want you to be intimidated to the point that you are afraid to have a private conversation because it might be overheard and you could be punished. Now how is that any different than when people behind the iron curtain were afraid to talk about anything because the Stasi might be listening?

I want to take this next segment to talk to you young guys out there. You guys have it rough, there's no doubt. Back in Grandpa Lampshade's day, a young guy could go to college and party and pick up random thots and sow their wild oats, but I'm here to tell you now that those days are gone. If you go to a party and pick up some slattern for a good time she has the power to destroy your life. The truth is irrelevant. Earlier in the show we discussed how the concept of "innocent until proven guilty" was placed in our legal system because it's virtually impossible to prove a negative. However you must understand that when it comes to women accusing you of "rape" then this legal concept is thrown out the window. If a random girl accuses you of rape, it will be presumed that you are guilty and the onus will be on you to prove that you didn't do it which is pretty much impossible.

Staying on the topic of advice aimed toward our young men, I want to take this time to discuss the importance of self discipline and finding a way to channel your energy into something positive. Grandpa Lampshade is going to share some personal insight in this area as to how I manage these things in my life. They may or may not be of use to you but I'm still going to share the information and you can do with it what you please.

Moving right along into the listener questions/comments, we have a question from Okuma as to the whether or not mudsharks can be redeemed. Can a mudshark see the error of her ways and be accepted back into the fold? What if she gives up her half nig spawn or doesn't have any nig kids, can she then become muh Aryan princess? Now I want to make something clear: this is purely a philosophical topic. I know Okuma and he's not personally getting involved with mudsharks. In the end each person will have to make their own decision should they find themselves faced with this situation, but Grandpa Lampshade says to tread carefully for where there's mud there's usually a swamp. We will delve into this a bit deeper and also go off on a tangent about abortion as well because if there's one thing we're all about here at Thoughts of the Day, it's going off at a tangent.

Finally we move into our Christian segment. I want to talk with you this week about faith or to be more precise: faith in the relation to our emotional feels. One thing you have to always keep in mind: faith is not a feeling you have. We're going to talk about what role the Holy Spirit plays in setting us on the path we are supposed to take and taking that path in faith and yet, not superimposing our wants and our feels into somehow being God's will.

We are a bit all over the place on the show this week which honestly isn't really anything new. Still it's my hope that you got something out of it and that some part of the topics that we've discussed were helpful to you. Thank you as always for joining us and we will be back next week right here on Radio Aryan for Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: From Mudshark to Swamp Maiden – GL 080817


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