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Thoughts of the Day: Let the Good Times Roll – GL 080117

GL 080117

We're letting the good times roll here this week on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day. That's right, we've got the coffee, we've got the vape and we've got the good times all right here. We've got tons of ideas to discuss and ponder upon for your philosophical pleasure. Right off the bat we have good news on the sponsorship front, Grandpa Lampshade’s Paypal is now live and up and running. If you wish to sponsor the show via Paypal it is simply the same email address as listed for the Google wallet. As always, if you would like to be mentioned as a sponsor on Thoughts of the Day please let me know you would like a shout out, otherwise you will remain anonymous but rest assured, your financial support is very much appreciated one way or the other.

First up in our topics of the week, GPL asks, "What exactly are we doing here?" More to the point: what are we and what is it exactly that we are trying to accomplish? This may sound like an obvious question with an obvious answer but sometimes it's so easy to get bogged down with individual topics and issues that it's easy to lose site of the big picture. We need to keep in mind that we are a political movement that is seeking to replace the current political establishment and the current political system. With that in mind, the next question we need to ask ourselves is what does victory look like? It is impossible to press for victory if you don't even know what victory would look like. In this segment we will talk about what victory looks like and from that point of view, how we get there.

From time to time, Grandpa Lampshade hears people in our movement talk about things such as thinning out or weeding out those who are just larping or doing this as some sort of hobby or something. As though we must discount everyone who isn't full on 100% dedicated to our cause. I'm here to tell you that is a mistake. I've pointed out time and again that everyone in our movement has to come to where you and I are right now, from somewhere else. With that truth having been said, what does that look like? When you came to where you are now in your political beliefs, did you just wake up one day, shed the chains of bondage and see the light or did you come step by step? For the vast majority of people it's a step by step process. Sure, there are people in our movement right now who are basically in it for the trolls and lols but that just means that although they are close to being where we are now, they still have a few more steps to go.

We're moving to listener questions/comments a little earlier in the show this week as we have a couple and both of the topics are very good. These topics actually tie in with some other things that I've been wanting to get around to discussing so this is going to work out really well. First up is the topic of career advice for our younger generation among us. What are some good career paths to consider? Is going to college a must or a waste of time? This is going to tie in with a topic that is one of my pet peeves and that is respect for the working White man. Everything in life is a trade off and every individual person has to decide which trade off is right for them. We will discuss this at length and go into great detail when it comes to figuring out what's right for you as well as understanding that if every White man in America became a computer programmer, the country would grind to a halt.

Our second question/comment has to do with the dreaded boomer generation. Is there anything salvageable from this generation or should they all just be gassed? This is of course a classic case of the break between the discussion of group dynamics and behavior and individual dynamics and behavior. We have boomers in this movement right now who are contributing in very important ways but that does not negate our overall criticism of the boomer generation. The main take away here is that even though the energy for the movement comes from the young people, if that energy isn't given proper direction it will simply be harnessed by our enemies to serve them. Where does that direction come from? From those of us who have some experience which of course, comes with age.

The good times really rolled on Thoughts of the Day and as a result, the time just flew by. I really enjoyed the visit this week and I hope you do as well. Ya'll be careful out there and ya'll be sure and come back to visit with us again at Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Let the Good Times Roll – GL 080117


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