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Thoughts of the Day: There Is No Middle Ground – GL 082217

GL 082217

This week on Thoughts of the Day it's all about the continuing fallout from the Charlottesville rally. The media is in full melt down mode and only about one step away from running up and down the street screaming "Nazi!" at random White people walking down the sidewalk. Trump finally had enough of it and pointed out that the Right had followed the law and were there legally, while it was the Left who illegally assembled for the sole purpose of attacking those who were exercising their constitutional right to free speech. This of course, sent the Left into an even deeper spiral of triggering. They are lashing out at anyone and everyone. They are doubling down on their attempts to shut us down but our numbers continue to grow.

You may think that if you aren't necessarily an evil Nazi hater then perhaps this doesn't apply to you but you’d be wrong. Look at fag marriage; did they stop with that? How long did it take them to go from "This won't effect you, this is just so these people can have their rights" to "Bake the damned cake bigot!"? The Grandpa Lampshade prophesy that there will be no middle ground and that everyone will either stand with the Marxists or with the Nazis is playing out right before our eyes.

You will find that more and more people upset about these current events will start coming up to you IRL and asking you what is going on. This is your chance to drop the red pills on them. Gauge each situation and individual you are dealing with for how much of a red pill to give them but nonetheless this is your chance. I have had people that I never discuss politics with contact me this week in sheer frustration over what these Leftists are doing and what they are demanding we do in the name of appeasing Negroes. When that happens, it's truth telling time.

We are very much in a transitional period. I believe we are seeing the terms of modern politics as to "Right vs Left" going obsolete. Remember, the Right vs Left thing is really, historically speaking a modern concept and we are seeing those lines fade away. This is going to be a bit of a complicated thing to explain but fear not: you have Grandpa Lampshade here to to explain it to you.

We are going to see more and more people flooding to our side. Not necessarily because they've signed up to our agenda but because the Left is going to push them to our side and as this happens, we have to be prepared to welcome them. This doesn't mean we cuck on our principles, we remain who we are and we stand for what we stand for. However we have to be willing to accept people who are willing to fight along side of us. This point is one of the main reasons I decided to re-record this show. This is a very important point that can be easily misunderstood so I want to be sure I make it clearly. I will take the time in this segment to explain exactly what that means.

This past Saturday, there was a so called "Freedom of Speech" rally in Boston. Only it turned out that means freedom of speech for anyone unless the Left calls them a Nazi and then they shouldn't have free speech at all. The organizers of this event made it clear they didn't want us to go there and they got their wish...........and only about a dozen people turned out. I suspect this may have been put on to try to portray the Left in a better light than they have been seen recently, but it just proves that all the energy and all the enthusiasm is on our side.

This morning I woke up with what I think is a wonderful idea for you IRL groups to undertake. Something I think is fairly low risk but could reap great benefits, both on the political front and on the LULZ front. I will share that idea with you here. One of the great things about this show is that even though I am currently unable to meet up with all of you IRL at this time (working on being able to change that in the future, BTW) I can talk with you here. So I'm going to take this time to share what I think is a pretty good idea.

I want to take a moment to talk about the importance of witnessing to the truth. We of course stand on the ground of truth while our enemies peddle nothing but lies. We have all collectively been blamed for the death of the leftist woman at Charlottesville. Setting aside for a moment the hypocrisy of this in light of how we're constantly being told we can't blame all Moslems when there's a terror attack or we couldn't blame BLM when the sniper targeted white cops in Dallas, I'm going to point out how the Left's lies are more responsible for that woman's death than anyone on the Right.

As always, I do appreciate all of you who choose to listen in to this show every week. It's my calling to speak to the truth as I observe it, but it wouldn't be any good doing that if nobody was listening. So thank you again both to the listeners and to the sponsors who help make this show possible. Thank you for joining us this week and be sure to tune in again next week, for another instalment of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: There Is No Middle Ground – GL 082217


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