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Thoughts of the Day: This Can Only End One Way – GL 081517

GL 081517

It's Thoughts of the Day time again and this week the word of the day is Charlottesville. This is a major happening, not just for our movement but for the entire nation and we are going to break this down piece by piece and talk about everything, from the ((media))'s reaction to it to how the police appear to be siding with their own enemies against their sole ally.

First off let's be perfectly clear: the violence that occurred Saturday rests solely on the Jew mayor. Our people did what they were supposed to do and the mayor's early attempts to (surprise surprise) shut it down were thrown out by the court for being the blatant infringement on freedom of speech that it was. The mayor then decided to arrange it so that our people would have to wade through crowds of hostile Marxists to get into the park where they had the permit to hold their rally. If the Jew mayor had chosen to provide a corridor for our people to pass through to hold their rally, almost none of this would have taken place. But he didn't do that and our people were forced to fight their way through the Marxists. Our people were successful in doing this so they then went to plan B: having the police declare it an unlawful assembly even though the court had just said it wasn't and the police began pushing our people out of the park and back into the Marxist crowds!

Now to the ((media))'s spin on this. First, I have observed fear on their part. They are reassuring themselves that this is just a flash in the pan, a simple one off incident even though it's obvious that it is really just the latest in a long string of events. I saw media people blabbering on about how this is just something that will pass and so called progress will continue to march forward. This is all of course laughable, but there are also some very ominous projections of what may be coming our way next. From the media to a whole series of politicians the "terrorism" word is already being thrown about. It is clear now that their Marxist street muscle is not going to be able to stop us, so they are next going to intimidate the government into bringing pressure to bear against us. All of these chimp outs, BLM rioting, White people attacked for being White have all been ignored but after Saturday, they are all coming out and proclaiming White people to be the real terrorists.

We are going to go through some of the statements from leading government figures talking about how we don't have a place in our own nation. This is a serious projection. One thing you must always keep in mind is that no matter what sort of mask these people may wear, they are the same old Marxists using the same old play book that they have been using now for over 70 years. If you think that these people are not dreaming about throwing us all into a gulag somewhere than you are terribly terribly naive. They veil their threats with talk of "coming together" and "being united" but the fact is they are demanding that that unification come in the form of submission on your part to them.

So where are we now and where are we as a nation going, moving forward? Like it or not, this is just the warm up. If you look at these things in the context of being a series of events, it's not hard to see that we're headed towards things escalating to shooting. Contrary to the delusions of the Left, this is not going away. Things are not going to go back to the Left always getting their way. So where are we headed? What are we facing? If the government and if those in charge really wanted to avoid bloodshed, then they would give us a seat at the table and actually listen to what we have to say.
But they won't. They will continue spiralling down the path they are on now and sadly, violence will be the outcome.

We know where we're at and we have a pretty good idea of where we are headed. Don't be demoralized or discouraged. Keep your head up and keep it tuned to Radio Aryan and to Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: This Can Only End One Way – GL 081517


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