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Thoughts of the Day: Under The Radar – GL 082917

GL 082917

Flying in once again under the radar of the mass shut-downs, sort of like a stealth bomber of truths, it's Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day. This week's show is jammed packed full of goodies and it’s one you definitely do not want to miss. As long as we can, we will keep speaking these truths, no matter how hard the enemy tries to shut them down in fear.

One of the criticisms that we find levelled at us quite often is that we need to shut up because we're somehow making life more difficult for Trump. We're making things hard for Trump with our crazy right wing extremism. We should just go away and let Trump do it all for us. This of course, indicates that the person who is saying this (usually of the CONservative persuasion) has no clue as to even why they've been losing over and over again through the decades. We're going to take a few minutes to talk about how the extremists are the ones who make the engine move in the direction we want it to go and we're going to illustrate this by showing how the Left has done just that for decades. When we're done, it should be clear to anyone and everyone that the right wing extremists aren't making things harder for Trump, we're actually making them easier.

Speaking of Trump, he had a rally this past week in Arizona. The Left with the help of their media ((allies)) attempted to rally their troops to take over the streets and intimidate any Trump supporters who dared show up. What happened? They got several hundred and that's it. The same several hundred disgruntled dregs of society that they always get. The same several hundred fags. The same several hundred dindus. The same several hundred boomers trying to cling to their youth by protesting like it’s still the '60s. Trump's supporters turned out in the thousands. This is all they have.
This is why they have to shut us down. This is why they are turning up their media volume to level shrill: because they aren't America. They aren't the real people. They're not champions of the working man. They're simply society's cast offs throwing a tantrum because the world won't change to suit them.

Grandpa Lampshade watches many aspects of these interwebs and let me tell you, right now in the land of the normal citizen going through their day to day life, Antifa and the Left are being held in more and more contempt. There is a petition circulating right now to deem them a terrorist organization (which they are by the way). This petition didn't start with us. This petition has come from regular citizens who are fed up with these violent leftists. If the Antifas think that they are somehow playing the role of communist revolutionary looking out for the working man, they are beyond deluded. The working man hates their guts. This is good and it's something we want to encourage. The trick is to keep the public from lumping us in with them.

The great shutting down continues but what does it mean? Does it equate to us winning? Well no, but we will take a few minutes to discuss what it does mean in the context of what we're doing. It's frustrating but it's not unexpected. It does tell us that our enemies have basically admitted that they can't compete with us in the public arena of ideas so now they are having to resort to doing what Marxists always do: stifle all opposing voices.

Finally it's time for our Christian segment. Even if you're not a believer this week's Christian segment is worth listening to because we're going to discuss the topic of loving our enemies. This is a real stumbling block even for Christians in our movement and it's a line that church cucks cling to like a string of rosary beads or something. Non-believers in the movement look upon the Christians with suspicion because they expect us to cuck at any minute in the name of loving our enemies. Well thankfully, those days are over because the Reverend Lampshade is here to preach the truth as to this often cited verse of scripture.

It's a jam packed show this week folks. I hope you make the time to tune in because we're really covering a lot of great material this week. This is one of those weeks where I feel really good about the content of the show and I hope that after listening to it, you do as well. We will keep pressing on and assuming we're not banned from the internet we will be back next week, for more of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Under The Radar – GL 082917


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