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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


Race and Nation: A Call to Arms – RNN 092617

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Lord Goyhammer and Sir Stephen Landser present Race and Nation’s 55th episode that marks the shows one year Anniversary. We would like to thank everyone who continues to support our show and encourage all of you to check out the past shows located at our archive.

We would like to specifically thank Sven Longshanks and the Radio Aryan network for their continued support and providing a home for Race and Nation.

On this week’s podcast, Landser and LG review last week’s episode of Harold Covington’s Radio Free Northwest.

With democratic footholds continuing to crumble underneath our feet, it is more important than ever to realize that what lies ahead for White survival is going to require iron and blood. Harold’s “call to arms” broadcast is a wake up call to the fence-sitters and those still clinging to the torn and tethered stars and stripes with what’s left of our almost worthless shredded constitution.  The Jews use of corrupt court systems, laws meant to protect us that are hanging by a thread and all the other usual methods of operation that are used against us are discussed, but also reinforced by the words and warnings laid out by Mr. Harold Covington of the Northwest Front. The upcoming Balkanization of America comes up and a scenario that we suspect will leave Whites with only a small handful of “Ethno-state” possibilities.

Segments from RFN 092117 were used with kind permission given by Harold Covington. We would like to thank the NF, specifically Mr. Harold Covington and Mr. Andy Donner for their continued support.

Hail Victory, comrades.

The artwork included in this week’s episode was produced by RNN comrade Gus Gruel the creator of the Little Jan Dahmer comic strip found at Arcmedia.

Presented by Lord Goyhammer and Sir Stephen Landser

Race and Nation: A Call to Arms – RNN 092617


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