Race and Nation: National Socialist Youth – RNN 091917


Sir Stephen Landser and Lord Goyhammer present the 54th Episode of Race and Nation.

This week, the Goys are joined by social media comrade, Edge, who adds support to the continuing intelligence gathering mission of the youth in our movement. Edge and the RNN crew cover topics ranging from Edge’s travels from “normie” to National Socialist and move on to several subjects that include but are not limited to: Trump’s continuing fall into the Jew abyss, Edge’s online dating adventures and once again book reviews, which seem to be a common thread in the show as of late.

Edge is part of a growing phenomenon of young people finding their place in National Socialism within the confines of the USSA. Once “red-pilled” online, the youth are misled into democratic arenas only to find a dead end. It then appears that these comrades discover a clearer history of the movement by reading books and are then are left to their own devices. It is our responsibility, those of us who are older, wiser, and have been active in public life to assist the youth and help them find their way. Race and Nation continues to support these comrades by offering them an open forum on our show.

We want to thank ‘Edge” for stopping by Race and Nation and encourage him to inspire others as he continues to live the 14 words. For more information on RNN please go to:


Hail Victory!

Presented by Sir Stephen Landser and Lord Goyhammer

Race and Nation: National Socialist Youth – RNN 091917

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