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Radio Free Northwest: Brandenburg Vs Ohio – RFN 092117

rfn 092117

Harold Covington gets all inspired by his his 64th birthday last week and talks about direct action, how we could go about replacing the tyrants with a sovereign and independent White government. He starts by referencing a piece of case law that guarantees that theoretical discussion on how we could remove the government is legal. It is not impossible for what happened in Romania, Egypt, India and elsewhere to happen in America. While there is still a vestige of free speech left, the traitors in power will never be able to entirely sleep well at night and they will be doing all they can to try and get this decision overturned.

He then explains why there is no other way in which to change the direction of the country, how democracy ensures that the playing field is never level and it will always only be insiders that get a seat at the table. Trump may be an exception, but this will never be allowed to happen again and he has not been able to make even the changes that he wishes to, let alone the changes that we want to see. There is only one way in which we can secure the existence of our people and a future for White children and Harold tells us what that is in this episode of Radio Free Northwest.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Brandenburg Vs Ohio – RFN 092117

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