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Radio Free Northwest: The Death of the King – RFN 092817


Harold Covington begins this week’s episode of Radio Free Northwest by reminding people not to be stupid and go out in a blaze of glory, although this might be personally satisfying, it does no good whatsoever for the rest of us, in fact it usually just causes us more trouble while doing not even making a dent in the numbers of those who are replacing us.

The Trucker is in northern Missouri and calls in to talk about people making their scouting trips to the northwest and Gretchen reviews ‘Herbert Spencer’ by J Arthur Thompson, a book about the biologist who developed Darwin’s theory of evolution. He saw the state as being like an organism and was interested in how social institutions evolved, such as politics and religion. The book made Gretchen take more of an interest in Spencer and she found herself involved in related subjects all summer.

This week’s Brandenberg lecture is on non-consensual regime change, such as happened in America, Russia, Germany and France in their revolutions. It’s fine to talk about this, so long as nobody actually does anything of course. Armed insurrection is a possibility and somebody has to discuss it, so it might as well be Harold and the first piece of advice he has for us is, to be very suspicious of anyone who tries to entice you into armed conflict with the enemy.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Death of the King – RFN 092817

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