Radio Free Northwest: The Judicial Murder of Edgar J Steele – RFN 091417


Gretchen starts this weeks podcast by discussing John Richardson’s book ‘Nietzsche’s New Darwinism’ which is about how natural selection relates to social selection. She explains Nietzsche’s ideas for how to reinvigorate mankind by removing modern notions of altruism and wonders why nobody thought of Darwin’s ideas before him.

After that we are treated to ‘The Axis of Hubris’ by Edgar J Steele as a way to introduce him to new listeners who may not be aware of who he was. A few years ago he was killed by neglect whilst wrongfully imprisoned and Harold explains the events that led up to this tragic loss to the movement. Radio Free Northwest covered the court case and kept Ed in the public eye, even publishing the last interview that he ever made that was smuggled out of the prison. We know that he was assaulted while he was in there and that he had a cardiac event that required hospitalisation. He did have someone looking out for him, but his protector was removed from the prison and when he came back 6 weeks later, he found ED filthy, unshaven, skeletal and completely out of his mind. He had clearly either been drugged or poisoned. Shortly after that he was dragged out of his cell one night by the guards and the next thing we know he was dead.

The right to freedom of speech no longer exists in America and in Edgar Steele’s case he was murdered by the government for trying to assert that right.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Judicial Murder of Edgar J Steele – RFN 091417

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