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Radio Free Northwest: Lord Lucan’s Life Story – RFN 090717

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Harold Covington returns to the studio for this week’s podcast with news that so many people are making enquiries about moving there that the NWF are having problems keeping up.

Gretchen was unable to make the call-in show, so she recorded something about relationships to add to this one instead. She doesn’t go much on dating and thinks arranged marriage is a much better system for finding a spouse and she explains her reasoning for thinking this.

After that Harold addresses a criticism that he is only pointing out weaknesses in Richard Spencer because he is jealous, by playing some audio by Matt Heimbach who he thinks would make a much more principled spokesman and focal point for us.

The Trucker is in Arkansaw in between two hurricanes and calls in to encourage more people to move to the northwest to avoid them, before Lord Lucan joins the podcast to talk about how he first got into nationalism through his nazi uncle Hans, who served on a u-boat during the war. He then talks about how he came to America as a Jehovah’s Witness and after experience with wetbacks replacing White workers, he awoke to the racial problem and joined up with Pastor Butler and Bob Matthews. He talks to Harold about some of the earlier personalities in White Nationalism 1.0 that he met and about how the movement has changed since that time.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Lord Lucan’s Life Story – RFN 090717

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