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The Daily Traditionalist: Hunt Merkel Down and Make Her Pay! – DT 092617

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Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson and Sven Longshanks co-host The Daily Traditionalist, looking at Sundays election in Germany which saw the AFD win over 90 seats in the Bundestag and become Germany’s third biggest party. This was a surprise to many and shows that the populist uprising in Europe is not over yet, with another possible win coming in the Austrian election. The AFD are anti-immigration, anti-Islam and say they will be looking into legal procedures they could use against Merkel for treason against the German people.

Dr Johnson points out that their share of the vote was probably much higher than just 12%, as much fraud will have been going on to try and keep them out. In some parts of east Germany the party had 49% of the vote and a recent poll showed that 49% of Germany felt that the AFD understood better than any other party how unsafe Germans feel in their own country. The AFD say they will be hunting Merkel down and taking their country back from the foreign invasion. It is great to hear mainstream politicians saying things like this and they have even spoken out against the country’s morbid fascination with creating memorial’s to Germany’s so-called shame of the 2nd world war.

The party may well now move even further to the Right, as Frauke Petry has left citing differences in policy direction as the reason. Although they do speak out against Islam, they are unfortunately not against perversity, having one prominent lesbian member who is married to a Sri-Lankan. Perversity is something that has permeated right through western society, with even the Archbishop of Canterbury now saying it is fine for 6-year-olds to decide to be transgender and that they should be encouraged in this behaviour. Dr Johnson points out that this response from the Archbishop should really be a wake-up call to all the Orthodox who are calling for closer ties with the Anglican and Catholic church.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Hunt Merkel Down and Make Her Pay! – DT 092617


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