The Daily Traditionalist: A Terrorist Plot to Put Stickers Up? – DT 090517

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Sven Longshanks and Ted Midward co-host a Tuesday edition of The Daily Traditionalist, looking at the recent arrest of 4 young White men in Britain for supposedly ‘plotting terrorist acts’. On further investigation it turns out the only reason for arrest was an allegation of membership in the non-existent terrorist organisation National Action. This is probably because a Leftist group like Hope Not Hate fed false information to the police - just because somebody who was once associated with National Action is still involved in Nationalist activities does not mean they are acting as a part of the now defunct group.

The mainstream media are desperate to create a narrative where it is not only Moslems who carry out terrorist atrocities and since no White Nationalists would be so stupid as to do the same, they have had to stoop to redefining the word ‘terrorism’ to mean ‘putting politically incorrect stickers up’ when it is applied to White people. Similarly, criticism of Moslems is now dishonestly being reported as ‘violence’ and ‘hate crimes’ in order to deceive the public into thinking White patriots are a threat.

The fact they have had to do all these ridiculous things in order to try and silence us, shows how successful our ideas are. If they have to criminalise our words then our words must be a serious threat to them. Ted has an idea of how we can turn this to our advantage, by encouraging the anti-Free speech organisations to go after the only mildly politically incorrect ones, such as Christian organisations, pro-Palestine groups and traditional marriage advocates.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Ted Midward

The Daily Traditionalist: A Terrorist Plot to Put Stickers Up? – DT 090517

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