The International Jew: How the Jewish Question Touches the Farm – TIJ 092517

jews farming arabs for oranges in palestine
A Jew hard at work farming Arabs for fruit in Palestine

Ted Midward continues the series based on Henry Ford’s collection of articles exposing the Jewish threat to America with part 10, looking at the Jewish influence on agriculture, specifically with regards to them buying up farmland and then renting it back to the Gentiles to do all the work on it.

Even in places like Poland and Romania where laws were brought into prevent them doing this, they were still able to continue by using their shabbos goy frontmen to buy the farms for them enabling them to continue taking advantage of the peasants.

Jews have never been involved in farming, just in exploiting the produce that others create on the farms and the cotton industry in America became a prime target for them once they arrived.

The first step was to depreciate the market value of the land, next they dropped the price of cotton to the farmers while increasing it to the consumer, with the Jew middleman taking all the profits.

This procedure is straight out of the Protocols and the Talmud, both of which describe ways in which the Jews can trick the Gentiles into becoming their slaves.

Narration and commentary by Ted Midward

The International Jew: How the Jewish Question Touches the Farm – TIJ 092517

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