The International Jew: The Jewish Estimate of Gentile Human Nature – TIJ 090417


Ted Midward continues his series based on ‘The International Jew’ with a further look at the Protocols. This week using them to illustrate what the Jewish conception of Gentile nature is. They see us as a flock of sheep just waiting to be guided by them, once they have removed our shepherds such as the monarchy and the church of course.

The Jews advise encouraging Gentiles in our naivety, in order to make us even easier to deceive. Ways to do this would include setting up political parties to divide the loyalties of the nations in which the Jews reside. Once that is done, these parties should then make false promises to the people that will never be fulfilled, going after lofty abstract ideals such as freedom and liberty that can never actually be attained.

Above all, there must be a constant drive for ‘progress’. This ‘progress’ must never actually be defined, or explained as to why we must continue to move from one place to the next, it is enough to just keep repeating the phrase for it to be picked up and repeated by the herd of Gentile sheep.

The division in society is now so great, that the Jews can openly show their rule without anyone suspecting that it is not right for one group of people to be ruled by another. Diversity has meant that the Jew can hide himself among all the other foreigners which he has invited into our lands, a dangerous action which he was only able to do after claiming it was the morally right and ‘progressive’ thing to do.

Narration and commentary by Ted Midward

The International Jew: The Jewish Estimate of Gentile Human Nature – TIJ 090417

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