The International Jew: The Jewish Plan to Split Society by Ideas – TIJ 091117


The Protocols outline how the Jews were dividing society by introducing all sorts of competing ideas into it, such as tolerance, diversity, equality and socialism. This produces cognitive dissonance and people do not know how they are supposed to react when one theory contradicts another, such as tolerance for homosexuals but intolerance for traditional marriage.

The progressive changes have all come from America, as that has been the centre of Jewish power for the last century. What America says the rest of the world should do, the rest of the world goes along with, as the Jews in each country work to ensure compliance with the internationalist objectives.

Public opinion has to be questioned and the confidence in public leaders has to be eroded. After this book was written the Frankfurt School become the foremost pushers of Jewish ideas among the gentile nations, but they were really just following an age old directive first revealed in the Protocols and then later expanded on by Henry Ford here.

Narration and Commentary by Ted Midward

The International Jew: The Jewish Plan to Split Society by Ideas – TIJ 091117

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