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The Roper Report: Chasing Lil’ Kim - TRR 090617


In "Chasing Lil' Kim", Billy answers listener questions about whether or not the Battle of Charlottesville was a net positive or a net negative for the pro-White movement and what we should do moving forward. After that he discusses the 60th anniversary of the Federal invasion of Little Rock for the forced racial integration of Central High School. As a former public school teacher in the state, Billy’s perspective on the issue is that of a cynical if experienced insider. How have things in Little Rock and Central High School changed over the last two generations?

The most important topic under discussion, though, is the North Korean crisis. What caused it, why is it different this time, and what will the United States do? How will China and Russia react if Trump launches an attack on Lil' Kim? What position should White Nationalists take on the potential conflict?

A busy fall schedule of IRL events is discussed, with listeners to The Roper Report invited to three separate gatherings. Billy's e-mail is, for those who would like more details!

Presented by Billy Roper

The Roper Report: Chasing Lil’ Kim - TRR 090617

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