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The Roper Report: A Piece of Cake – TRR 092017


In "A Piece of Cake" Billy recalls Dr. William Pierce's last birthday as the most memorable 9/11 ever. He also discusses lower primate behavior in looting, rioting, and otherwise chimping out in Texas, Florida, and St.Louis, describing the protests there. After that we hear about a French TV crew interviewing ShieldWall Network members about President Trump, White Nationalism, and the future of political conflict in America.

Billy lets us know that Land is being purchased and developed for future private ShieldWall Network events as the organization picks up franchises in several new states and he talks about the DACA amnesty which may be a foregone conclusion, but more and more of our people are no longer fooled by lying politicians, nor are they willing to go extinct without a fight.

The next three weekends of meetings and conferences are lined out, along with a great white pill of encouragement about the exponential growth of the White Nationalist movement, and most importantly the willingness of tens of millions of Americans to openly identify with it. This is happening, and it's going to be so inevitable, so easy, just like...a piece of cake.

Presented by Billy Roper

The Roper Report: A Piece of Cake – TRR 092017


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