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The Roper Report: Unite the White – TRR 092717


In the ‘Unite The White’ episode of ‘The Roper Report’ podcast, Billy discusses the schedule for the upcoming StormFront replacement conference in Eastern Tennessee, where he will join such White Nationalist and Alt Right leaders as Dr. Michael Hill of The League of the South, Matt Heimbach of the Traditionalist Worker Party, Father Francis of StormFront Radio, Pastor Thomas Robb of the Christian Revival Center, and others to hold activist training seminars, breakout sessions, and small group workshops to build a coalition of activists working together for our people’s future. This conference will be free to all White Nationalists. E-mail [email protected] for details and to find out how you can attend.

Not to be distracted by other issues, Billy ferociously tears into the NFL owners and franchise managers who are supporting the “take a knee” anti-White football protests and explains why this controversy is a major sign of a fatal illness for the establishment.

Finally, Billy ends this week’s ‘The Roper Report’ podcast by sharing two short excerpts of speeches from this past weekend’s infamous ShieldWall Network meeting in central Arkansas, which has garnered so much mainstream media coverage and attacks by Antifa.

Presented by Billy Roper

The Roper Report: Unite the White – TRR 092717


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