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Thoughts of the Day: The Fascist Monarchy – GL 091917

GL 091917

Thoughts of the Day is back and once again our sponsors, which are you the listeners, are coming through with the support so that Grandpa Lampshade doesn't have to start advertising penis pills on the show. At $500 a jar, one has to wonder what Alex Jones' advertising rate is. Well whatever the case may be, we are listener supported here at TOD and just like a space age self-fueled engine, we keep trucking on. Sadly, I had some mic issues this week and as a result the audio quality is not at the level that everyone has come to expect. So if you notice the show sounds as though I recorded it in a school gymnasium, that's because I recorded it in a school gymnasium (not really). It will be ironed out next week however this week I simply didn't have the time to redo the entire show.

For our opening thought today we're taking it old school and discussing monarchy. We of course advocate that the ultimate solution for returning our nations to a homogenous and stable state is to have a strong authoritarian government with a powerful leader at the top. We advocate this from a National Socialist perspective, which always runs into the problem of six million tears about Hitler and muh holohoax. So let's side step that this week and talk about the original form of government: monarchy. When it comes to a government run by a strong central authority, it doesn't get more basic than having a good old king. One of the things that scares people away from the idea of a strong authoritarian leader is the idea that they would have no voice or recourse in the direction of their nation or in the decisions made by the government that effected them. However this isn't really true.

Setting aside for now the fact that you really don't have any say in your government now, only the illusion of having a say, we're gong to illustrate this week how the people did indeed have a say under a monarchy. Thus, if the people had a say and influence under a monarchy, there's no reason to believe they would have no say under another form of authoritarian government.

Next up let's talk about something that we have discussed before in the past and that is the Left vs Right paradigm and who it is that is actually coming from a position of hate. We deal with an enemy that speaks solely on the basis of rhetoric and it's easy to let things slide such as their notion that all the hate is coming from our side and that it is our side whose ideology is based upon it. But is that true? Of course not and I thought one of the best ways to illustrate this is to take the counter positon to this. In other words, if our position is one predicated on hate then that would mean that our opponents' position is one based on love. So, let's take a look at our leftist opponents and see if we can find where the love is there.

Launching into the ever popular listener questions/comments segment, TJ wants to know if GPL has any tips for not throwing up when listening or watching the main stream media. Should we not be watching and reading at least some of what the mainstream media is promoting? The answer of course is yes, we should at least be aware of what today’s narrative is that they are promoting. How else are we going to mock and challenge it if we don't even know what it is? There is always much to be learned even from our enemies. It can be tempting to retreat to what the Left likes to call a safe space, but that is counter productive. We don't retreat to safe spaces, we are confident in our positions and we march forward through the swamp of lies and misdirection that our enemies put before us always pressing forward in pursuit of the truth. We don't fear hearing positions that run counter to our own because we have confidence in our own positions and the fact that our own ideas and beliefs are grounded in truth.

Audio problems aside it's still a fun and informative show this week as usual. Again I apologize for the poor audio quality, by the time I got it figured out there just wasn't enough time to go back and completely re-record the show. I did my best to fix it in post production but there was only so much I could do. I can assure you things will be back up to the normal high level of quality that you have come to expect next week. Still the content is as top notch as ever so bear with me and tune in for Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day: Monarchical Fascism – GL 091917


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