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Thoughts of the Day: Finding the Truth When Everything Is a Lie – GL 090517

GL 090517

It's Tuesday and you know what that means, it’s time for Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day. Man it's hard to believe another week has already gone by. Is it due to having too much fun? Too much winning? Or is it something else? Either way we're back this week with another hard hitting instalment of the frogcast.

Our first topic out of the gate is this conspiracy theory business. Now don't get me wrong, I get that we are lied to all of the time about so many things. That's just a fact but at the same time, when you are in the business of trying to find the truth if you start going down the road where everything is a lie, then nothing is the truth and you will never find the truth. Honestly I think there are some instances where this is really the intention of some of these theories that are put out there. We will discuss this at length and talk about how you can walk the line between not believing everything you are told and yet avoid spiralling down the path of everything is a lie and a conspiracy where the end result is you are simply chasing your tail at the bottom of the rabbit hole of conspiracy.

For our next segment, Grandpa Lampshade would like to take this time to talk about someone we all love to hate and that's John McCain. As we all strive to send positive feelings of support and love for John McCain's brain tumour so that it can grow faster I thought I would help you with this task by talking about this treasonous shill for a bit. Now some people would say that it's not right and we should just let John be since he probably won't be around at the first of the year but not Grandpa Lampshade. As long as this shill is still in the news, as long as he spews his treasonous venom I will continue to call him what he is and I will continue to support the right of his brain cancer to put an end to it.

Next we steam into a boat load of listeners’ questions and comments. We've gone several weeks with zero Q/C's but this week we're making up for lost time with a ton. If by any chance I missed anyone's (my email checking is sometimes lax) I'll try to get to them on next week's show. The truth is, we have a lot this week and so we're going to get into them a little earlier than we usually do due to time constraints. First up Eric wants to know about good source material when it comes to "Muh Holocaust". Ah yes, the good ol' Holohoax. It's the jews' go to gimmick when it comes to keeping the goys from questioning how bad they're getting jewed over. Eric want's to know where the good stuff is at when it comes to deflating this kosher lie. GPL will share his thoughts on this and recommend some source material for when it comes to the great hoax as well as on National Socialism.

Next up on a lighter note from one of my Radio Aryan chat buds, Xiv has a weebo related question and wants to know what Grandpa Lampshade's favorite anime of all time is. I know many of you don't like this stuff but what is important here (even though this is obviously a lighter topic) is that you need to be able to stop and just have a little fun with things once in awhile. You cannot be serious all of the time and you need to be able to find some stuff to laugh about and have a fun time with.

Lone Wolf SoCal wants to know GPL's opinion on the leaderless resistance concept which is pretty much what we are currently utilizing. Again we are essentially fighting as a political insurgency. We don't have a single leader that can be targeted by our enemies to take out. We don't have a single organization to be infiltrated so the end result is that even though they are able to take out individual players it winds up like trying to kill out an ant mound with a hammer; there are always more ants!We will discuss our current state of affairs in this regard as well as how far we can go with this.

"Joe" is stuck with a normie spouse when what he really wants is a full on fashy female. What's a Nazi to do? Surely there must be someone out there who can give some advice as to how to bring your wife out of the doldrums of normiehood and into the light a of cutting edge right wing existence. Well fear not, Grandpa Lampshade will give it a shot. Of course the answer comes largely in the form of a question: why do you really care? We will discuss this and drill down as to what path someone (and there are more than a few of you out there) in this position should take.

Finally we come to our final listener’s question and it’s to do with Christianity. This is a good one and relates to one of the most abused scripture verses out there and that is of course "Turning the other cheek". I have discussed this before but unlike when I write a piece on the topic, it's much easier to get a little deeper and really get to the heart of things when we are just talking about it. If you don't want to hear the Christian stuff then so be it but this is one of those times I would suggest that you might actually get something out of it whether you are a believer or not. I can guarantee you there will be triggering along the way of getting to the truth on this topic. You should bookmark this episode so the next time this Bible verse is thrown in your face, you can simply point people to this segment to get set straight.

It's a great show this week and we run a few minutes longer than usual just because we had so much great material to go over. As always I appreciate you listening and hope you will be back next week for Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Thoughts of the Day with Grandpa Lampshade

Thoughts of the Day: Finding the Truth When Everything Is a Lie – GL 090517


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