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Thoughts of the Day: It Will Never Be Enough for the Jews – GL 092617

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Is it thought provoking? Yes. Is it informative? Yes. Is it cozy? Yes again, so I'll have to take Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day for $500 (a little game show reference for you there). This week's show comes right back in at full speed as always with a wide array of cozy and informative and hopefully thought provoking topics for you to think about for the week.

As I try to tie together this week's hodge-podge of topics, I thought we'd start by discussing North Korea. I of course find the enigma that is North Korea to be quite fascinating. While Kim Jong-Un has to know he can't win a confrontation with the West, he continues to take actions that would appear to make no sense in that they are indeed confrontational. The big question is "Why?". We've already discussed on numerous occasions on this show that "He's just crazy" isn't a valid answer, so we're left wondering what the answer is. While obviously we have very little actual information to go on we will do our best in this segment to take the information we do have and try to make some reasonable guesses as to what is going on.

Our next segment will, believe it or not, wind up tying back in with the North Korea segment in a way. In this segment, I want to discuss rallies again and the idea of optics that are beneficial to our cause and what we do and don't want to do when it comes to these things. The chief thing I want to discuss is the notion that some people are still stuck on, that if we can look weak and defenseless while the left beats us, that we win. This is silly and is based on the false premise that if given the right circumstances, the media will portray us in a positive light. This of course will never happen. The media is owned and controlled by and large by Jews and if there is one thing we do know, whether it's countries dealing with each other or at these rallies, when the Jews hate you nothing you will do will ever be enough.

We're going cozy for this next segment as we discuss seeking the truth. We talk a lot about the importance of seeking the truth in the context of our politics and our movement. However this also extends into your personal life as well. GPL is here to discuss the importance of finding and holding on to the truth for your own personal well-being. After all, if who you are is a truth seeker that should extend into every aspect of your life.

One of the things I find amazing as I grow older is the observable role that genetics play in who people are. Yes environment plays a role as well, but the foundation of what makes a person who they are is genetics. So how do the two come together and how can we look at the different roles that genetics and environment play in creating the people that we see around us? This is probably the most fun segment of this week's show so I hope you stayed tuned all the way through for it.

We have no questions and comments this week so Grandpa Lampshade is going to leave you with a parting thought for those who seem to think you have a clever comeback against Christianity. No, this isn't a Christian segment and it's not an attack against non-believers, it's an answer to a question that atheists love to throw out there in the belief that it makes us look stupid. The question being that there is no way we actually believe that Jesus died and came back to life. I've seen this one thrown out there from to time to time and since we don't have a listener’s section this week I will use this as our question for the week and answer it. Actually, I will answer this question with a question of my own.

It takes a lot of time to put one of these cozy shows together so as always, thank you to all of you who take the time to listen and thank you to those who sponsor and help support the Frogcast because believe it or not, even Grandpa Lampshade needs a morale boost to keep him going and I get it from the support of each and every one of you. All of you are as much a part of this show as those of us who put it together. It's like we're all family and a pretty good family to boot, if I do say so myself.

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Thoughts of the Day: It Will Never Be Enough for the Jews – GL 092617


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