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Thoughts of the Day: May the Best Man Win – GL 091217

GL 091217

We're back again for another thought provoking instalment of the one and only Grandpa Lampshade’s Thoughts of the Day As always thank you for tuning in and I think this week's show will be a lot of fun.

This was recorded Saturday morning before the Anglin vs Day debate on whether or not Nazis are the real leftists. For Grandpa Lampshade's scorecard on how the debate went, check out the Semitic Truth Center Blog as I have a post up giving my take on it. For this show however we are discussing the folly of being married to this left/right paradigm. I have spoken and written about this several times before but I think it's worth going over again. The people, the masses are becoming more and more aware of the fact that their countries are slipping away. With that in mind, they care less and less about this whole left/right thing. In fact, as they have become aware that the whole Republican vs Democrat thing is a sham they are coming more and more to view the left vs right thing in the same light.

This is as good a time as any to remind everyone that even though we have different people under this big tent called the Alt-Right that have competing views on our problems and what we should do moving forward, that is ok. As Hitler said in Mein Kampf, let us all move forward and whoever is correct will win out in the end and all the others at some point will file in behind them. We don't need to compromise on our ideals or our standards, we just need to keep pursuing the truth. In the end, whoever has the view that is most grounded in truth will be proven to be correct and will ultimately be the most successful.

We all want to be successful in what we are trying to achieve. However what does success look like? If you can't visualize what you would define as success then how are you ever going to actually achieve it? The fact of the matter is that each of us may have more or less the same general idea of what we want to achieve, but yet none of us have an identical definition of how success is defined. We can all pretty much agree that we want White countries or to put it another way: modern western civilization. You see modern western civilization is White countries, they are one and the same. In our struggle to achieve a stable White society, we are actually also striving for something that is not only positive for us and for our people, but for the whole world and even the other races too.

Many many times I see so many people getting bogged down with fretting over someone having the correct percentage of White. So this brings us to the question: what is White and what is White enough to be considered White? Are Irish White enough or do you have to be Germanic? Are Serbs White or are they some sort of sub class which is somehow White but not quite White? Here in America, if you had every White person take a DNA test, we would all be a hodge podge because White Americans are basically the mutts of global White society. Getting bogged down in all of this is silly on several fronts and in the end, it's pointless and Grandpa Lampshade is going to explain to you why. First, you have no ability to force everyone in the country to take a DNA test and if you did, who is going to set the arbitrary number of what is an acceptable level of White or even what the definition of White is. Secondly, you don't even need to do this. Why? Because genetic programming. This is going to be a great topic so bear with me and hear me out.

Moving into the always popular listener questions/comments segment, Charlie wants to hear some thoughts on inflation. With the Jews having an iron grip on our money supply via their control of the Federal Reserve, the cost of everything has skyrocketed through the years. It would seem that inflation is such a large part of what is destroying the economic prosperity of our nations. Well, yes, this is true but it is also not true, for what we currently have isn't actually text book inflation. Don't worry, Grandpa Lampshade shall explain.

Our final listener question/comment is of a Christian nature once again as it would seem that the pews at the Church of Lampshade are filling up rapidly and for good reason. I actually have two separate questions/comments of this nature this week but I'm going to answer them both together as I believe I can tie them into one another well enough to make the answer into a single package that makes sense. First: in our struggle for our people and for our race, are we actually putting race before God? Second, what about Jesus' warning that because of him families would be turned against one another, mother against daughter, son against father etc.. I believe we can answer both of these together and have it all make sense. Tune in to find out if I'm successful.

It's always cozy when it comes around to frogcast time and this week is no different. As always, it was a fun time to sit down and go through some of these thoughts with you and hopefully you will consider them further after listening to the show. One of the reasons I enjoy doing this is the idea that these thoughts will set you on the path of considering these topics perhaps from an angle you haven't considered before and thus, expanding on the ideas themselves as you add your own thoughts to mine.

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Thoughts of the Day: May the Best Man Win – GL 091217


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