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Boadicea Events: Alison Chabloz on Speech Crimes – BE 101317

BE 201417

Boadicea Events held their first event on Saturday October 21st at a friendly venue in Blackpool. Introduced by Paul Ainscough a variety of Nationalist speakers addressed an audience of 40 to 50 people on subjects ranging from our history of common law and how it can be used to aid Nationalists charged with speech crimes, to the revival of Nationalism in Britain and the worldwide conspiracy to commit White genocide. Various groups had representatives there, such as the National Front, British Voice and the Creativity Movement and the day finished off with Alison Chabloz singing and narrating her persecution by a privileged minority for making jokes about them set to music.

We heard how at first they tried to get her banned from the Edinburgh Fringe festival, before moving on to sending her threatening letters and intimidating venues into not booking her. When they finally succeeded in getting her banned from the Fringe, Alison responded with a quenelle salute that soon earned her notoriety in the press, which is just what any performer wants. Sore as hell that their antics were not having the desired effect, the enemies of free speech then put pressure on the police and the Crown Prosecution Service to take her to court for making thousands of people laugh online at the lies that these Jews were telling.

As the story progresses we get to hear the songs that caused such a strong reaction in both Jew and Gentile, the gentiles laughing and the Jews wailing and crying at having their money making scams exposed and their ludicrous lies brought to the light. We also find out why she is so supportive of historical revisionism and how she had been watching the Nationalist movement for some time looking for a way she could help the cause. The behaviour of these despicable creatures towards her have given her plenty of source material to use in her performance and it takes us right up to this week, where she will be in court on Wednesday for what looks like will be the final showdown between truth and lies.

This is an important case for free speech in Britain, they are trying to say that sharing a link that shows Jews in a bad light on youtube, is the equivalent of sending death threats directly to a rabbi. They are also trying to say that jokes about Jews come under the malicious communications act, an act that should apply to pornography not political satire. If they win, then all patriotic political criticism in Britain is under threat, but if Alison wins, then we have a precedent in court that will protect all Nationalist content producers.

If you are able to be at Westminster Magistrates Court at 10am Wednesday 25th October then please go to show your support but if you cant, then give this a listen and at the same time as having a good laugh, you will also find out just how repressive the UK regime really is and just who it is that is ruling over us.

Performance by Alison Chabloz

Boadicea Events: Alison Chabloz – BE 102317


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