Boadicea Events: Benny Bullman from Whitelaw – BE 102517 BB

BE 201417

A short speech from Benny Bullman from Whitelaw talking about Nationalism and music. Whitelaw have been going for 20 years and Benny has just come back from Poland, after playing to 2,500 people in Europe in honour of Ian Stuart Donaldson. Benny was involved at the beginning with Blood and Honour and has seen it progress to include many different genres of music, but all of it concentrating on White culture and White people.

Nationalism is growing in Britain, 70,000 people marched in London 2 weeks back to show their disgust at the invasion and although none of it was covered by the mainstream media, this movement has a good chance of growing. We already have the ideas and ways to deal with the problems and we already have seasoned speakers who can inspire others to join us. All we need to do now is to connect with the patriots that were on that march and introduce them to how we do things.

Benny Bullman speaking at Boadicea Events Blackpool

Boadicea Events: Benny Bullman from Whitelaw – BE 102517 BB

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