Boadicea Events: Dennis Shambley, James Costello and Layla

BE 201417

Three more speeches from Boadicea Events at Blackpool, starting with Dennis Shamley talking about his experience standing 5 times in elections for the BNP and what inspires him to be a Nationalist. Fifty years on from when he first started his working life, things have continually gone down hill for Whites. We were promised the world after the war, but everything we should have, has been given away to freeloading foreigners. They are like an invading army yet it is us who are called the terrorists. Dennis points out the lies we have been told about the religion of peace and asks whether Whites are finally now beginning to wake up.

James Costello was speaking on behalf of the Creativity Movement and the need for White people to start looking out for our own interests and taking charge of our own destiny. We need to be building a better world for ourselves, not for anyone else. If we don’t start looking out for our own interests soon we will lose everything that our ancestors left us and their sacrifices will have been in vain.

Layla was also speaking for the Creativity Movement and she spoke about the redundancy of both the Left and the Right. Nationalism should be about what is best for the nation, not just what is best for the elite, but at the same time equality is something that is unnatural and has no place in Nationalism. Loyalty to your race is neither Left or Right, it is natural and non-political.

Speeches by Dennis Shambley, James Costello and Layla at Boadicea Events Blackpool

Boadicea Events: Dennis Shambley – BE 102517 DS

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Boadicea Events: James Costello – BE 102517 JC

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Boadicea Events: Layla – BE 102517 L

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