Boadicea Events: Mike Whitby on British Common Law – BE 102517 MW

BE 201417

Mike Whitby from The British Voice recorded at Boadicea Events in Blackpool Saturday October 21st.

Mike spoke about how the laws and constitution of Britain have been trampled on in order to elevate the foreign races upon our soil. Our own people are struggling to get by, while still there are more alien races being imported into our country. The politicians have consistently lied to us and are now in the process of engaging in treason against us.

Mike shows how our tradition of common law forbids foreigners from being given any position of authority above us, but the traitor politicians are counting on the population not knowing these laws. He explains the long history of law that we have in Britain, before suggesting ways the constitution can be used to force the judges, politicians and police to uphold the rights of the indigenous British people instead of taking them away.

Mike Whitby speaking at Boadicea Events Blackpool

Boadicea Events: Mike Whitby on British Common Law – BE 102517 MW

Download (31:23)

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