Boadicea Events: Richard Edmonds on How to Revive the Patriotic Spirit – BE 102517 RE

BE 201417

Veteran Nationalist Richard Edmonds talks at Boadicea Events about the importance of meetings like this one, where racial Nationalists from all over the country gather to trade ideas and network. No longer is Nationalism just about sovereignty, it is now about saving the White race from genocide and in order to do that, we need alliances between the many different nations of Whites.

Richard talks about the despair that people felt after the war, how we had destroyed half of Europe in order to gain nothing. How the most common name for new-borns in Britain is now Mohammed. But we have been in bad situations before where our representatives turned out to be traitors. We had them in the time of Boadicea but she was still able to start a revolution and burn down half of London.

The Brexit vote showed us that we have masses of support in Britain for our ideals and civic Nationalism is failing completely to capitalise on them, refusing to face up to racial realities and still using the same language of the Left. Many older people remember what life was like in Britain before the invasion and given a chance to, they would reject the traitors in Westminster. We need to stop softening our language and call a spade a spade. It is a racial problem we are facing not a religious or cultural one and it is a problem that only us Nationalists know how to solve.

Richard Edmonds speaking at Boadicea Events Blackpool

Boadicea Events: Richard Edmonds on How to Revive the Patriotic Spirit – BE 102517 RE

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