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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day

Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


Paper Beats Rock: Meet Uncle Jesse – PBR 101417


On the premiere episode of Paper Beats Rock, Stephen Landser is joined by Idaho NF comrade “Uncle Jesse”

They quickly dismantle the Richard Spencer event in Florida and reflect on the takeaways, good and bad.

Landser and Jesse also discuss the Jacob Goodwin situation covered at length by Billy Roper on last week’s The Roper Report.

Too many of our brethren are being thrown in the Jewish gulags time and time again and the reasons are becoming more and more frivolous. We strongly encourage everyone that finds it possible to do so to donate time and funds to Mr. Goodwin’s cause.

Letters can be addressed to Mr. Goodwin at:
Jacob Goodwin, c/o Lonoke County Jail, 440 Dee Dee Ln, Lonoke, AR 72086
Or through e-mail by registering at
Remember that all mail is read and please keep your letters or e-mails upbeat, positive, and encouraging. Thanks for letting him know that he has not been forgotten!
Donations for Mr. Goodwin’s Legal Defense can be sent here.

For those who have inquired about Lord Goyhammer will be pleased to know that he has been gracious enough to supply the outro music to each episode of the Paper Beats Rock (PBR) podcast.

LG can be found ruling over the domain of SPLC Hate Map certified Stahlhelm Records.

As a Thank You to LG we are also including a link to another fantastic audio segment he recently put together. This recording is an excerpt from the Book “Freedom’s Sons.” The book references many historic accomplishments and discoveries by the Northwest American Republic over its fifty years in existence. The Guerrilla war for independence came to an end on October 22nd, exactly five years from when it started. The Epilogue refers to main characters who were a part of major engagements and events spanning over a fifty five year period including the five year guerrilla insurgency before the peace talks at Longview Washington. The small conversation in the latter half of the Epilogue with the president of the Northwest American Republic and his four year old great granddaughter and granddaughter in-law, simply but emotionally gives you an example why these men did what they did over fifty years ago……..”While the world did gaze with deep amaze, at those fearless men but few, who bore the fight that freedom's light, Might shine through the foggy dew…..”


Presented by Stephen Landser

Paper Beats Rock: Meet Uncle Jesse – PBR 101417


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