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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day

Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


Race and Nation: Home Alone – RNN 101017


Stephen Landser presents the final episode of Race and Nation Ep 57 (Home Alone) 2017-10-10

Race and Nation retires this week after the announcement of Lord Goyahammer’s resignation, so we will revisit the archives and check out Episode 29 dated 2017-3-28 , where NS wordsmith VonDrasko stopped by RNN shortly after the fourth and final instalment of the Pack Series. Landser and LG discuss VonDrasko’s mission and what drives the passion that fuels his words and audio segments that focus on 14/88, resistance, and White survival. The ongoing scourge of the EU with White genocide in the form of immigration is discussed at length. Our Blood is borrowed from our ancestors; we owe it to them to secure an existence for our children and no-one else’s.

Race and Nation has always been an open forum for those who need a voice, specifically the working class. RNN always honoured that commitment and a RNN moves on, we would like to thank Sven Longshanks and Radio Aryan for all their support. HAIL VICTORY! and THANK YOU!

VonDrako’s Pack series as discussed on this week’s show can be streamed or downloaded here.

Presented by Stephen Landser

Race and Nation: Home Alone – RNN 101017


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