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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day

Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


Race and Nation: Vex Steele – RNN 100317


Stephen Landser welcomes long time Race and Nation comrade and Women for Aryan Unity member Vex Steele back to Race and Nation. Vex was called in as support as LG has taken a leave of absence this week for some well-deserved RnR. Vex updates us on new WAU projects that include charities, book sales and even birthday card and letter projects to support members of the the Brüder Schweigen.

Community outreach within our movement is often ignored and it can be a tedious path attempting to help our folk in today’s anti-White climate. Vex and Landser discuss methods and their own experiences in attempting to co-exist and live the 14 surrounded by “normies”. The WAU excels at this effort and we should all learn from their example.

Race and Nation continues to stand in arms with all of the ladies that fill the ranks of the WAU.

Race and Nation would like to wish David Tate of the Bruders A Happy Birthday (Sept.28)

Contact information, and the Adopt-a-Bruder program can be found at WAU14.com

RNN archives can be found here

Hail Victory!

Presented by Sir Stephen Landser with Vex Steele

Race and Nation: Vex Steele – RNN 100317


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