Radio Free Northwest: Advertising Expertise on the Alt-Right – RFN 100517

rfn 100517

Harold takes a back seat for this week’s episode of Radio Free Northwest and starts the programme with a ten minute clip from a listener talking about ad campaigns and how we can adapt their techniques for use by ourselves.

Insider news is next and the North West Front were not infiltrated by the Hope Not Hate bugger-boy, but the North West Forum run by Greg Johnson was. Cascadia was also taken in by them, who are good people, but the NWF does not have any official ties to Cascadia due to the homosexual allegations about certain people involved with Counter-Currents.

Gretchen discusses ‘How One Becomes What One Is’ by Nietzsche this week, which was written near the end of his career at the end of the Franco-Prussian war and is about Germany trying to find out who she really is, amidst Nietzsche’s pan-European vision. She thinks it’s an important European work and we should read it.

The Trucker calls in from St George Utah without the engine running to talk about how the Left are talking about sabotaging power stations to shut the country down, so make sure you are stocked up with food and weaponry.

Finally to round off the podcast we have Sir Stephen Landser and Lord Goyhammer discussing Harold’s previous Brandenberg lectures.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Advertising Expertise on the Alt-Right – RFN 100517

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