Radio Free Northwest: Back to the Future – RFN 101917

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This week the podcast is a monologue from Harold, that for reasons of security cannot be more candid. Even in print Harold has to be careful what he says, but somehow he has to reach people so they take some action and move to the northwest to help with setting up a homeland for us. Two new migrants recently arrived but one of them had travelled there all the way from England, where are all the White Americans who are already much nearer?

The Northwest Front has hit a wall and needs to have some substance to it, which can only be achieved with money and bodies. At the moment all that can be offered to people when they get there is a meal in a restaurant.

Years back there were some ways of doing things that were successful, more successful than what we see happening today, but due to bad behaviour in leadership the concept of leaderless resistance appeared and the idea of internet interaction replaced physical reaction. The Northwest Front is a real physical organisation that has a concrete plan to achieve the 14 words, but it needs support so the first steps can be taken to make it’s physical presence felt and the ways of doing things that were successful can start being put into action again.

We are not in this for amusement or making media empires, this is about securing our existence and a future for White children.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Back to the Future – RFN 101917

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