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Radio Free Northwest: Hanging on the Telephone – RFN 102617

rfn 102617

Harold Covington is joined by guests once again this week, Gretchen, the Trucker and Lord Goyhammer, who begins the podcast by narrating the epilogue of Freedom’s Sons.

Gretchen reviews ‘You Gentiles’ by Maurice Samuel this week, which is a Jewish author taking a look at the difference between Jews and Gentiles. He wants to get to the core of what identity is and uses Plato’s republic as the example of Gentile society. He sees us as being too loyal, whereas Jews are superior as they don’t have loyalty to anyone. Jews have a desire to remake society in their own image, which creates a conflict with Gentiles. The author thinks intermarriage might solve the problem, but warns readers to be wary of assimilationist Jews. At least the Orthodox can be seen and keep to themselves.

The Trucker is in Eastern Montana and sees what is happening in Catalonia as inspirational for the Northwest Front and Harold returns for a final piece about how to effectively use a telephone.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Hanging on the Telephone – RFN 102617

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