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The Daily Traditionalist: An End to White Guilt – DT 1009117

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Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks co-host The Daily Traditionalist on Columbus Day, a day in which Americans are at least encouraged to feel patriotic. In England, the English are not even allowed to have a march on st George’s Day and most Britons know very little about their patron saints.

Instead of being grateful that they were given reservations instead of being enslaved or exterminated, the mongrelised descendants of the Indian tribes have joined up with the Left to attack us, demanding that our monuments be torn down and the name of the day changed to ‘La Raza’. The fact is that if we had not defeated the Indian tribes, they would have killed every last one of us and stolen our women, but instead of doing that to them when we won, our ancestors were gracious enough to keep them alive and even named our sports teams after them to honour the bravery of our vanquished foe.

We should not feel any guilt over conquering America, our brave and kind ancestors knew that they would need new territory for their descendants as we continued to expand in size and if we had not colonised the world, there would have been famine, starvation and death in Europe as the population outstripped the resources. Even slavery can be seen as a necessary evil in an age where we had no machines to do the work for us, but plenty of versatile and expendable indigenous savages who would work for food, shelter and clothing.

We never used to feel bad about what our ancestors achieved for us, we used to respect and honour them, but thanks to the enemy in our midst we have been taught to think that what we did was wrong. It was not wrong, it was either them or us and instead of wiping them out completely like they would have done to us, we did the very best we could for them and we see today the results of doing that. They are not grateful, they hate us and they are trying to replace us. The only guilt we should be feeling is for being too kind to them.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: An End to White Guilt – DT 1009117


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