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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


The Daily Traditionalist: Flipping the Tables – DT 101817


Matthew Heimbach is joined by Florian Geyer today, who starts by explaining what his own podcast Mysterium Fasces is all about and how an online Orthodox prayer group has grown from it, to help with the spiritual warfare against our enemies.

Next they get into an article which exposes a Jewish family who have secretively made billions of dollars from getting people hooked on Oxycontin, which is as addictive and dangerous as heroin, but can be legally prescribed for mild pain. The medication itself was marketed to patients, doctors were bribed to write prescriptions out and now over 200,000 people have died in America due to this drug. Misuse of opioids does not just damage the body, it also dulls the soul and takes control of the spirit. Addicts do not just have an addiction to the high, but also a physical dependence that will drive people to lie and commit crimes to get more of it, once the doctor refuses to up the dose. The Chinese went to war against the British Empire to stop Jews like the Sassoons flooding their country with opium, yet the exact same thing is happening now in America but nobody is doing anything about it or even pointing out that it was the same ethnicity doing it back then as now.

Wherever you look in history at great evils, you will always find Jews involved in it, whether it’s the banking industry, the destruction of the church, the destruction of Germany and Russia, the Opium wars, the East India Trading company behind the Indian famines and probably the Irish ones too, the push to normalise sodomy and equate it with the marriage act, the encouraging of children to cut their sexual organs off and pretend they are a different gender, all these things and more show that they are dedicated to doing everything they can to counter the Logos.

We are now at the culmination of their subversion, we are in the same pre-revolutionary phase that Russia was in one hundred years ago and the hordes will be indiscriminately attacking everyone White regardless of if they are a Liberal or not, just as they did back then. Soros has just donated his entire fortune to the Open Society which funds all the subversion, but another less talked about concern is that a Masonic faction could split the Alt-Right, the same as it split the Far Right Black Hundreds that were the resistance in Russia. The racist libertarian wing of the Alt-Right is very much opposed to the Traditionalist section and could easily be used to divide us, as they have no solid ideals or faith to hold to. They want a better seat at the table, instead of flipping the whole table over and driving the enemy out of the temple.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Florian Geyer

The Daily Traditionalist: Flipping the Tables – DT 101817


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