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The Daily Traditionalist: From Klansman to Suit and Tie Nazi – DT 100317


Matthew Heimbach is joined by Tony Hovater once again for The Daily Traditionalist, to look back on how the movement has progressed from Auburn to now, as we have not heard from Matt since Pikeville. A clear line of improvement can be seen over the last 4 months, culminating in Charlottesville, where the TWP and LOS column had over 300 people. The media wanted the public to see just the one guy with the swastika flag, but he was just one guy and even this could have been avoided if people would all associate with one particular group, that way random guys like that would not be able to latch on to the rest of us.The media will always call us names anyway, but at least they have progressed a little from klansman, to closet racist and now to suit and tie nazi.

White people just want to go to work, get home and not have to worry about anything. Most do not want to be bothered by gay rights, Black rights and feminism and when they see people standing up to that agenda many are grateful, even if they wont pick up a shield and join us. Tony was surprised to receive some local support at Charlottesville like this, with people thanking him and the people he was with for protesting the removal of the statue. People care about their people and their towns, they are not interested in what the chamber of commerce has to say. Economic systems are not worth risking your life for, but Nationalism is.

What is going on locally is what people are interested in and one of the main problems most of us are having to deal with is the petty crime associated with opioid addiction. Ninety percent of the crime in Appalachia is drug related and nobody is really speaking about this. The TWP are highlighting this problem and campaigning to provide more support for White working class communities so we do not fall into the trap of taking drugs in the first place. There are not enough treatment clinics and this is just one more thing that Donald Trump promised to improve but hasn’t. But it isn’t just this, the republicans have turned their backs on their base completely, while Whites are being attacked everywhere they are out there condemning White Nationalism. They will be finished in ten years time and today’s Trump supporters will be standing with us as we replace the GOP as the main representation for White America’s political interests.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Tony Hovater

The Daily Traditionalist: From Klansman to Suit and Tie Nazi – DT 100317


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