The Daily Traditionalist: Jez Turner in Court – DT 103017


Today’s podcast includes a report on the first day of the trial of Jez Turner for the heinous crime of speaking about Jewish power in Britain. Two years back he spoke at a demonstration against the Shomrim, a group of Jews who are allowed to break UK law, dress up like Police and go looking for gentiles to arrest. This wouldn’t be a problem if every ethnicity were allowed to do this, but we aren’t, no-one else is allowed to wear a uniform, let alone a police one in the UK.

Jez specifically spoke out about the Jewish role in the French revolution and the two wars and how they have a vastly disproportionate amount of power in Britain, which funnily enough is amply demonstrated by the fact they can take him to court for pointing this out. Our special reporter Captn from the chatroom was there at the court today to let us know what happened and he was also able to get Jez himself to talk to about it, while he was outside the court.

Matthew Heimbach has been held up at Shelbyville and will hopefully be back tomorrow.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with Jez Turner and Captn

The Daily Traditionalist: Jez Turner in Court – DT 103017

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