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The Daily Traditionalist: The Lammy Report on Racial Differences – DT 101017


Matthew Heimbach is joined by Sven Longshanks to discuss a huge new report released in the UK that shows acute racial differences in great detail for today’s episode of The Daily Traditionalist.

David Lammy was tasked by Theresa May when she was Home Secretary with gathering all the data he could find on the different life outcomes of the different ethnicities in Britain. This includes the crime rate, employment rate, amount of further education, whether or not an ethnicity owns their own home and all sorts of other information which proves that there are massive differences between the races. This report is an absolute gold mine for us, where Sweden has refused to even release the crime figures by race, Britain has broken them all down into specific categories.

Forty percent of young people in prison are non-White, yet they only make up 15% of the population. Ten times as many Blacks are arrested for dealing drugs than Whites are. Fifty times as many gypsies are in prison than should be for their percentage in the population.  What this report shows is a massive Black crime wave, that is costing the country an absolute fortune and Lammy has even been kind enough to estimate how much his people are costing us. He has also thought to include Asians, Indians and Chinese in his figures, showing that they are far less likely to commit crimes and far more likely to work than Blacks, so are the Whites ganging up with the Yellows to do racism on the poor oppressed Blacks?

Lammy’s solution to the Black crime epidemic is to replace White judges with Black ones and to not lock the criminal negroes up in the first place, turning them loose among their own communities to continue raping and rioting. Surely it cannot be long now until the few remaining honest people in the establishment realise that this accusation of ‘racism’ is just a complete scam to excuse the bad behaviour of the foreigners in our midst and when they do, they will have no choice but to start repeating our talking points and calling for a stop to immigration and a start to repatriation..

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: The Lammy Report on Racial Differences – DT 101017


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