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The Daily Traditionalist: The Lawsuit Against Unite The Right – DT 101217

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Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus co-host today’s episode, starting with what Jason has been up to with 14 Sacred Words. He has released his first full length album, which had to be released in an edited version for Germany and is on Label 56 in the states.

Two lawsuits were started today against the organisers of Unite The Right by the city of Charlottesville, who have a team of Jews representing them. The charges are that the Alt-Right is made up of illegal armed militias who just started attacking poor innocent leftists for no reason whatsoever. It accuses protesters of not being individuals, but being the members of a paramilitary ‘fighting force’ that was impersonating the police.

Jason was maced, he was beaten and he remembers going to the police and drawing their attention to where the trouble was and yet the officers refused to do anything about it. There is even footage of an undercover cop showing the antifa his badge and then stepping back so they could continue beating a White protester on the ground. The Nationalists were then instructed to exit through this mob of antifa by the police. Appeals were made to the officers to stop the Left rioting in the streets so that protesters could leave peacefully and they refused, which is why the conflict began. The only rally out of three to have any violence at it at all, just so happens to be the only one that had a horde of Leftist thugs unlawfully assembled there.

The fact this lawsuit has been taken seriously by the courts, shows just how corrupted our justice system has become. The counter-protesters were doing the Jews bidding, the Jews in the media lied about the event and now the Jews in the courts are trying to twist the law in order to punish the lawful protesters for defending themselves. Wherever people speak critically about the Jews, they can always be relied upon to prove everything that we say about them is true, by using their Jewish privilege to take us to court for it.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: The Lawsuit Against Unite The Right – DT 101217


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